Students are at risk

The Distressing Facts

1 in 5

College women experience sexual assault


Campuses currently under Title IX investigations


in lost tuition, productivity, and healthcare are incurred by each victim


paid by a state university in a recent settlement with a single sexual assault victim

The Problem

Students and their allies need more than a phone number.

– Students and allies need to know options for what to do next and how to deal with the aftermath of assault.

– Students need tools to help prevent assault.

Resources and prevention tools must be accessible when and where needed.

– Students and allies need tools and information in all situations — at events, in restaurants and bars, while walking home at night.

Overworked school & Title IX staff need help.

– The effort needed to create and disseminate sexual assault resource information for students can be tremendous.

– Building student awareness of resources is very time-intensive.


The Solution: uSafeUS®

The Right Resources.

– Interactive tools like Expect MeTM, Time to LeaveTM, and Angel Drink help students (discreetly) leave uncomfortable situations.

– Information about reporting options, resources, and how to manage the aftermath of an assault guide victims and allies.

Available when and where students and allies need them.

– Tools and information are available on Apple and Android smartphones.

– Interactive features encourage daily use of the app.

– Free to students to use, updates also free.

End-to-end program support.

– Content can be customized by colleges and universities through the easy-to-use uSafeUS Administrator Dashboard

– Access resources like a comprehensive Implementation Toolkit and social media posts customized for your school.

– Anonymous analytics show campus app and feature use. (No personal information is collected)

– Push notifications can be sent to phones of students who have selected your school.

uSafeUS Platform for Colleges & Universities

uSafeUS is the modern solution to campus sexual assault prevention and response.

– uSafeUS places sexual assault resources and information directly into the hands of students, on a smartphone platform they know and understand.

– Students no longer have to search through multiple web sites to find your campus sexual assault policy, prevention programs, and on and off-campus options for help in a time of crisis.

– Resources include interactive safety prevention features (Expect Me, Time to Leave, Angel Drink) that provide discreet help in uncomfortable situations.

– Free to all campus users when a campus subscribes; free updates.

– Available for both iOS and Android

– A web version of the app is also included for students without smartphones and for faculty and staff use.

Learn more about the uSafeUS mobile app

uSafeUS is the trusted solution of over 20 colleges and universities

– The development of uSafeUS® was led by researchers and practitioners at the Prevention Innovations Research Center (PIRC) at the University of New Hampshire. The uSafeUS structure and content is based on 15+ years of sexual and relationship violence and stalking research conducted at PIRC.

– Beta app uSafeNH was tested and evaluated at each stage of development by students and campus professionals at 22 New Hampshire colleges and universities.

– The result is a research-informed, trauma-informed solution that can take your prevention and response efforts to a new level.

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We make implementation easy

– Encouraging students to use a new app takes time and effort. The uSafeUS Implementation Toolkit streamlines this process.
– It includes packaged student communications and social media campaigns, implementation checklists, kits to support on-campus events, recruit student ambassadors, supplement first year and residential life activities, and more.
– Promotional items also available for purchase.
– Guidelines provided for connecting uSafeUS with existing campus prevention and response programming.


Control the resource information your students see within the app. Receive anonymous analytics about app and feature use. Send prevention messages to student phones.

– You control the resource information for your campus, ensuring students have correct, complete information.

– Colleges and universities can directly update content using the uSafeUS Administrator Dashboard at any time.

– Anonymous usage statistics are compiled for each campus; seeing which features students use can inform your communication plans. (No personal information is ever collected).

– Resources available through the Dashboard include an Implementation Toolkit and social media posts customized with your school logo.

– Push notifications enable you to send important messages directly to the smartphones of students who have selected your campus.

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The uSafeUS team is with you every step of the way

– A campus uSafeUS subscription includes up to 5 hours of implementation planning support, via phone or video conference, provided free-of-charge during your institution’s first year using uSafeUS.

– Campuses with multi-year subscriptions will receive annual updates to the promotional communication materials, at no additional charge.

– On-going email and phone support for technical questions, with 24 hour response times on standard business days, is also included.

– Upgrades to the app, bug fixes and new features will be automatically updated within the app, free-of-charge.

– Students, faculty, and staff use the app for free at subscribing schools.

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We provide everything you need to successfully launch uSafeUS on your campus. Our Implementation Toolkit guides you through customizing your school’s information, connecting uSafeUS with your existing sexual assault prevention and response programs, and launching the app with ready-to-use communications, social media, and promotional items.

The Benefits?

– More students will engage in your uSafeUS program

– You invest less time and effort getting the program up and running




A Comprehensive Approach

A Comprehensive Approach

Tools for every step of your launch

Plan Your Launch

Plan Your Launch

Content, resources, activities

Engage Students

Engage Students

Build campus awareness

Improved Prevention & Response

Improved Prevention & Response

Research-informed solution, delivered in an app



  • “I recommend uSafeUS often to students and their families, who understandably worry about student safety. I’ve written about uSafeUS in a column in the Parent’s Newsletter, and I keep promotional materials on-hand in my office. Student Safety is a top priority at our university, and uSafeUS fits nicely with our efforts to reinforce that shared value.”

    Ted Kirkpatrick, UNH Dean of Students

  • “I’m so glad to be a part of the beta app uSafeNH development team.  It is amazing to work with individuals who have taken an idea and made it a reality by bringing a high level of enthusiasm, creativity and passion for helping victims of sexual assault to the table.  Now, the resource information anyone in NH might need following an assault can be found just a tap away on their phone.”

    Kathy Kimball, NH Attorney General’s Office — NH Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) Coordinator

  • “uSafeUS is a great app!  Every college student should download it.  Even if you never need to use it, you should have it!”

    Christopher Johnson, Senior Experience Director – Chair of the Franklin Pierce University Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Committee.

  • “uSafeUS is a great resource for students. Even if they have not had any experiences of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, it’s a great way for students to know what services are available to them. “

    Christina Cliff, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Security Studies

  • “uSafeUS has been a good application to help students understand that anyone could have a friend that has been assaulted or may experience assault and that it’s okay not to know what to do. This app encourages people to always have a backup plan. We call it the app that you don’t want to have to use but want it when you need it.”

    Kat Dougherty, Director of Residential Life

uSafeUS Family of Schools

uSafeUS History & Partners

uSafeUS® was developed by the UNH Prevention Innovations Research Center, through a collaborative effort among New Hampshire community and state partners, advocates and practitioners, researchers, campus administrators, faculty and staff, and students at New Hampshire’s colleges and universities.

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